Advanced Therapies Skills Training Network

Driven by industry coordinated by Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

The Advanced Therapies Skills Training Network (ATSTN) connects training resources and educational programmes from across the advanced therapies and vaccine manufacturing industry.

Getting started


Online Training Platform

Easily develop and enhance your skillset remotely. Discover the vast range of courses and learning assets available to begin and/or progress throughout your career.


National Training Centres

On-site training courses and sessions to provide you with the hands-on expertise to succeed in your career in advanced therapies. These centres also offer companies space to deliver their own training.


Career Converter

Measure your skillset against different roles.

Hone-in on your transferable skills and identify training needs to assist you in kick-starting your career in advanced therapies and/or vaccine manufacturing.

"This is brilliant. I would like others to take a look as this is what we need, this is what we've been looking for"
Tom Forrester - Merck Group

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