Learner Pathways

Learner Pathways

You may be interested in a job role in the ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) and Vaccine Manufacturing industries but are unsure of the skills required. To help you identify these skills and the best training opportunities to gain them, we have designed a series of learner pathways, which are ideal if you are:

  • New to the ATMP and Vaccine Manufacturing industries
  • Want to progress your career by learning new skills
  • Want to change your area of speciality

Each pathway relates to a specific job role and provides a number of suggested training courses depending on your experience. These courses are available through the ATSTN Online Training Platform, and are all industry recommended. A wide range of courses are available to suit every budget, including high-quality, free content.

How do I use the Learner Pathways?

1. Identify the job role you are interested in

You can use the Career Converter to match your skillset to a role or browse Job Roles Explained to find a job role you are interested in moving to.

2. Find the relevant Learner Pathway below

Answer the questions to see which training courses could potentially help you transition into that job role.

3. Register for the ATSTN Online Training Platform (it’s free!)

Search for your suggested courses and browse the rest of the catalogue for more training options.

Quality Control Technician

Pathway: Validation

View the learner pathway for Validation


Pathway: GMP Manufacturing

View the learner pathway for GMP Manufacturing


Pathway: Logistics

View the learner pathway for Logistics


Pathway: MSAT Downstream Process Development

View the learner pathway for MSAT Downstream Process Development


Pathway: MSAT Upstream Process Development

View the learner pathway for MSAT Upstream Process Development


Pathway: Quality Control

View the learner pathway for Quality Control

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