Managing Performance: AI conversational training

A new series of 6 online training modules on Managing Performance is now available on ATSTN’s Online Training Platform. The innovative use of conversational AI gives managers and aspiring managers a safe space to role-play difficult workplace conversations about commonly encountered performance issues.


The learner is presented with a scenario outlining a performance issue with one of their direct reports and specific goals they need to achieve through a conversation with them. The learner can then practice having the conversation through typing or talking, with AI acting as the team member. At the end, the AI will provide personalised feedback to help the learner improve.


Each interaction is unique, with a variety of characters chosen at random, allowing the learner to practice repeatedly and try different techniques to hone their skills and provide maximum learning impact. The use of OpenAI’s GPT Large Language Model generates limitless possible responses, tailored to fit the parameters set within the scenario. The effect is an authentic, improvised exchange which incorporates the sensitivities that arise during challenging conversations.


The six courses are:

  • Delegating tasks
  • Getting a project back on schedule
  • Goal-setting with the GROW coaching model
  • Managing a disengaged member of your virtual team
  • Managing poor performance
  • Managing resistance to hybrid work requirements


For further learning content on these topics that support and compliment this series, explore the Management & Leadership, and People Skills categories on the Online Training Platform.


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