Job roles explained

Validation Engineer

Summary of the role

Your role as a Validation Engineer will involve:

  • Specifying, inspecting and testing the equipment used to manufacture advanced therapies and vaccines.
  • Ensuring processes run efficiently and produce high-quality products
  • Work with many different stakeholders, including research and development, quality and procurement teams, to improve yield, efficiency and sustainability

Headline skills required

  • Attention to detail
  • Organisation skills
  • Data analysis and IT skills
  • Analytical problem-solving
  • Documentation skills

Why is it exciting?

You will be responsible for making sure the processes which develop potentially life-saving medicines are up to standard, and that the products are of consistently high quality. Through your efforts, a new wave of therapies and vaccines can reach patients safely.

How much does a Validation Engineer make in a year?

This role has an average starting salary of £45,000 a year.

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