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RoslinCT, together with its partners, are delivering high impact advanced therapy and vaccine manufacturing GMP training as part of the Advanced Therapies Skills Training Network (ATSTN). RoslinCT is working closely with Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA), Edinburgh Napier University, Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre and Ayrshire College in delivering training capabilities complementary to the ones being offered at the National Horizons Centre which focus on manufacturing techniques, and the advanced technology courses available at the University of Birmingham which cover modules on ATMP manufacturing design and clinical adoption.




Aimed at the current workforce within the advanced therapies and vaccine manufacturing industry, academics and those enrolled in Further and Higher Education, these hands-on training provide basic, practical training in sterile manufacturing within a cleanroom environment, plus an introduction to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) training within an industrial setting.

The topics covered will include gowning and cleanroom behaviour, environmental monitoring and control, aseptic cell processing, and analytical techniques. UK companies involved in the vaccine manufacturing and advanced therapy industry will be able to train their staff ensuring they are well versed in such essential skills prior to entering a GMP manufacturing establishment.

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The National Training Centres are a part of the ATSTN initiative, which also includes an Online Training Platform to provide remote learning for those currently working in the vaccine manufacturing and advanced therapy industry, and a Career Converter, which maps an individual's transferrable skills from adjacent sectors into recommended roles for this industry.

Discover more on-site training courses available at the National Horizons Centre and at the University of Birmingham.

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