National Training Centres

The National Training Centres will provide essential on-site training courses and sessions, providing you with the hands-on expertise to succeed in advanced therapies and vaccine manufacturing. Offering courses in areas such as manufacturing, GMP/GxP and bioprocessing. With a range of centres to be confirmed, stay tuned for updates on industry-leading training initiatives and invaluable opportunities which can fast-track your expertise.

National Horizons Centre

The National Horizons Centre will provide hands-on training for advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) and vaccine manufacture, focusing on Good Practice (GxP) manufacturing, process development and bioprocessing techniques.

Training will be available at the centre starting from May 2021, with courses covering Upstream and Downstream Bioprocessing, Analytical techniques for Bioprocessing, Process Control and Automation, Viral Vector Manufacturing, Biologics Manufacturing, Data Integrity, Computer Systems Validation and IT compliance, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Biologics, Practical Proteomics, and Flow cytometry for bioprocessing.

Read more about the National Horizons Centre here.


RoslinCT will collaborate with the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA) and additional academic institutions to deliver high impact advanced therapy and vaccine manufacturing GMP training.

Courses delivered by the RoslinCT Training Academy will include practical and classroom courses on sterile manufacturing in the cleanroom environment at their newly built facility in Edinburgh.

The topics covered will include gowning and cleanroom behaviour, environmental monitoring and control, aseptic cell processing, and analytical techniques.

Read more about RoslinCT here.
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